A support and encouragement group for writers in Kirksville, MO and the surrounding communities.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Join KV Scribes!

If you are a writer in Kirksville, MO or its surrounding communities, come join us.

KV Scribes is an informal and fun group for people who write. It doesn't matter what you write or how often, whether you write professionally or for fun - or maybe you want to get started writing and are looking for pointers on how to get started. No matter your age or skill level, your own interest is the only prerequisite for membership.

What do you do? 
We exist to provide a support community of sharing and encouragement. We may set up regular or irregular casual meet-ups to talk about writing, read work and help each other. Or we may set up online forums to correspond, discuss and share.

So what are the details?
Right now, we are a group in the formation stage - a handful of local writers who decided to throw this idea out there. Nothing is set in stone. We don't have a set meeting schedule or even goals. Just get involved and let us know what you want out of it.

Right now the group is a blank page. Please help us fill it in.

How do I join?
Just fill in your email address (in the far-right column) you're in! You'll get regular notifications as we post to this website, and of course you can leave at any time.

Thanks for your interest!